Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Spring of Life

     Here I am weeks away from my last post and wondering where time went. Watching kids full time on top of my own children, caring for my house, new activities, and working towards a college degree keeps me very busy. I barely remember to eat yet write a blog post. :) I am sorry!

     Winter is a cold season. Sometimes with snow. Sometimes with just chilly weather. It may be dreaded and wishing it was over. Then this season of Spring seems to flow in and brings sunshine, birds chirping, green grass, flowers blooming, new smells and sites, and fresh beginnings.

    This year Spring has sprung in my life in a whole new way. It is amazing how one small step can change your whole world. February 12th we chose to go to New Vision Baptist Church and try it for a day and see. This church touched my heart more than I realized it would. Eight weeks later I am a member, going to a group, volunteering in the preschool, and never want to miss a day. I have meet amazing people that have made a big impact on my life.

    I have rededicated my life to God. This is one of the biggest decisions in my life and has changed me and my view of life in a million ways. I dedicate each day for him and I fail but I know his love for me will never fail. He is by my side no matter how bad I am and I can rely on him 24/7. He is keeping me strong.

    One other change this Spring of life has brought is an amazing change in my relationship with my husband. We have fallen back in love. We find time daily for one another. We have focused so much on the children and let things go. We are rededicated to one another and bringing God to the top of our relationship. I love him more and more each day.

    I am so thankful for an amazing God. Without him I would be so lost. I am thankful for him opening up my heart to him. For the family he has given me and the three children he chose for me to be their mother. Leading me to NVBC and being moved and blessed by Brady's words. I could continue on and on with all my blessings. My eyes are fully open for the first time and my heart is so happy it could burst.

What has God done to bless you today? I would also like you to share an inspirational story or favorite Bible verse.

Have a Blessed day!


  1. I had my "God Moment" as I like to call it, a few years back. It's far too long to tell here, but lets just say I always thought, How do you know if God is talking to you????? Well, now I KNOW He does, and I heard Him loud and clear!!! My life was instantly changed, and the weight of the entire world that I had put on my shoulders was instantly removed. And now I see God every day in Jack's eyes, and I am thankful for every second that I get to spend with my family and friends.....Jim

  2. I question a lot of things. I think I even have a post about it. Just in January I was unsure of many things. I now have not so many worries on my shoulders and lean on God in all times. I can also relate with the children. Jack is so precious. Enjoy those times. Children are amazing.