Friday, March 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Being a Mom

      Hello!! I am sorry I have been MIA for over a month. Things have been cRaZy! And yes I know it is Friday writing this, but hey better late than never, right? :) Things have been changing for the better and it was so hard picking what I am thankful for this week. As I'm writing this my children are sitting around me playing cars together (maybe not always nicely, but together). I just feel this overwhelming love and blessing for these three amazing children. God chose me to be their mother. That is awesome.

    Being a stay at home mom it is not always easy, fun, glitter, and rainbows. You deal with the crying, attitudes, bad behaviors, fighting, messes, and more. On top of that you have a husband and a house to run. It can get overwhelming fast with multiple children (and animals too). That being said I can not describe the love I have of being a mother who can stay home with their children. I would deal with the negative any day.

     I may not be paid with physical money, but I get an over abundance of hugs, kisses, and I Love You's. That's a better payment. I look forward to the silly and crazy things Bailee comes up with daily. Yesterday she was so upset Ratatouille did not have a mother she was wanting to get a new Ratatouille movie with a mother. She could not believe he did not have a mother. Poor baby. Analeigh gives the best hugs and is starting to potty train. She loves to cuddle and be held. Emerson is my momma's boy (love/hate relationship with that). He is my cuddle bug. He amazes me daily with new words and his growing knowledge.

     All three babies have me wrapped around their little fingers. I would do anything for them. They know I give in easily. :) I could not imagine life without them. I thank God daily for these little miracles and that he trusted me to guide them and be their mother. Amazing.